As it unfolds

“Gratitude: the daily art of celebrating the life unfolding before your eyes.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

And you just never know what you’re gonna see.

Today was a really lovely, quirky and often humorous walk around a local lake. From beginning to end, there were so many funky and unexpected finds. Not shown below: a random collection of clothing and other items scattered here and there on signage and benches along the way, ranging from a pair of women’s red lace panties to a fully decorated Christmas wreath. It became somewhat of a comical Easter egg hunt for the next “Wait a minute, what??”

Weirdness aside, I got to stretch my legs, fill my lungs with the chilly air and enjoy the scenery as it unfolded around every corner. It was a two hour walk that I enjoyed thoroughly.

I hope I always remember to pause, laugh and celebrate little things like this because they are actually enormous blessings.

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