There it is.

“Jesus wept.”

“Not just the shortest verse in the Bible, but a powerful reminder that we don’t have to find the silver lining in everything: to express pain is valid and necessary. Even holy.

If you needed permission today to fall apart for a bit and just have a good old fashioned cry, there it is.” – Unknown

Yes, indeed. There it is. And cry today I did. And not for any specific reason. Just struggling a bit in this current situation like everyone else. Feeling isolated. Tired. Anxious about the future. Missing my family. Sometimes I think trying to manipulate ourselves or forcing ourselves into seeing the positive (“silver lining”), isn’t always good for us. Because then we feel even worse or guilty that we can’t figure out how to count our blessings. I think sometimes we just have to let out a big sigh and call grief by its real name and say, “Yeah, this sucks. And I’m not gonna tell myself it doesn’t.” Feel it. Honor it. Process it. Cry if you need to. There it is.

I think only then can we take a deep breath, decide we’re done sitting with it, and respectfully let it go.

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  1. Heather Selsor says:

    I’ve certainly experienced good days and bad days amid Coronavirus. I see the stress in my kids the most, though. They are over emotional, burst into tears over things they normally wouldn’t, and miss their friends and teachers.
    We hug, and I tell them that life as they knew it will return. And I hope that isn’t a lie.


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