Reverse Advent

So…I put the tree up a little early this year in anticipation of decorating with my kids when they come home for Thanksgiving. But I’ve also found a neat advent idea that I’m thinking about trying this year. It’s called a “reverse advent calendar.” Instead of opening a door or box each day and removing something, you add an item to a big box and donate the contents to a food bank at the end. Here’s how it goes:

December 1: Box of cereal
December 2: peanut butter
December 3: stuffing mix
December 4: boxed potatoes
December 5: macaroni and cheese
December 6: canned fruit
December 7: canned tomatoes
December 8: canned tuna
December 9: dessert mix
December 10: jar of applesauce
December 11: canned sweet potatoes
December 12: cranberry sauce
December 13: canned beans
December 14: box of crackers
December 15: package of rice
December 16: package of oatmeal
December 17: package of pasta
December 18: spaghetti sauce
December 19: chicken noodle soup
December 20: tomato soup
December 21: can of corn
December 22: can of mixed vegetables
December 23: can of carrots
December: 24: can of green beans

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