40 Ways to Give More Life

In every encounter we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” – Brennan Manning

I saw this article from Becoming Minimalist (link here) on facebook and absolutely loved it. These are little things, such small gestures, but imagine what would happen if we incorporated each of these into our interactions with others? The link to the full article is above, but here is the list of 40 ways to give life to others:

– Smile more.
– Hug more.
– Give more compliments.
– Write more love notes.

– Offer more forgiveness.
– Ask more follow-up questions.
– Show more interest.
– Have more compassion.

– Talk to more children.
– Remember more names.
– Leave bigger tips.
– Use kinder words.

– Laugh at more jokes.
– Make more eye contact.
– Treat others to more coffee.
– Listen more intently.

– Give more time.
– Stop to catch-up longer.
– Promote others more often.
– Be more optimistic.

– Be more sympathetic.
– Be more patient.
– Celebrate more successes.
– Ask to pray more often.

– Dream bigger dreams for others.
– Cook more meals.
– Ask elders for more advice.
– Spend more time reminiscing with old friends.

– Donate more to charity.
– Remember more details.
– Sing more songs.
– Display more affection.

– Give more apologies.
– Focus less on differences.
– Invite more to come along.
– Read more books to your child.

– Offer to help more often.
– Trust more.
– Give more responsibility.
– Say more thank-you’s.

Lots to think about. Lots to do.

Photos from today’s trip to the Botanical Garden. 

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