Top O’ the Run to Ya

St. Louis isn’t perfect by any stretch, but we sure know how to do St. Patrick’s Day.

We are ALL Irish on St. Patrick’s Day around here.

Yesterday I did our annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade Run. It was *awesome*.

If you follow this blog, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting much lately. It’s not been intentional, but it’s partly because I’m training for an upcoming half marathon — and I’ve been working hard. I mean really hard. Don’t get me wrong – I always put in the miles before an event of that distance. But this has been different. I’ve put in more miles, more effort, more types of runs, etc. Apparently it’s helping. My finish time yesterday was a full four minutes faster than the last time I completed this five-mile event. In fact, it’s the best time I’ve ever put in for this particular race. So I’m encouraged. “Fast” will never be a goal for me (it’ll never happen), but it sure is nice to see improvement.

Three weeks to go!

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