Better Than Therapy

So normally I wait until the end of the year to complete my annual “Day in the Life” challenge. In fact, I just did mine for 2017 just last month. But this weekend brought with it a work trip that had me feeling pretty anxious. Since this photo exercise tends to keep me focused on the present, I thought maybe I should give it a try to keep me from looking too far ahead.

I didn’t really do as an extensive a job as I usually do, but the exercise did help keep me “in the now” at least for a while.  And for that I am grateful.

Here are a few bits and pieces from the day:

Good morning, beautiful.

Times two.

Look up.

This was clear across the terminal as I was boarding my plane. I couldn’t get the photo I wanted of the panda, but that’s okay. It made me smile.

Then there was this book. Oh, this book. I finished it during my trip. It’s called Tattoos on the Heart by  Fr. Gregory Boyle. It was moving and marvelous on so many levels, but two particular paragraphs took my breath away and brought sharp, instant tears. THIS is what I believe at the very core of my existence and what I feel (and grieve) is missing from our society and the so-called religious:

“If you read Scripture scholar Marcus Borg and go to the index in search of “sinner,” it’ll say, “see outcast.” This was a social grouping of people who felt wholly unacceptable. The world had deemed them disgraceful and shameful, and this toxic shame, as I have mentioned before, was brought inside and given a home in the outcast.

Jesus’ strategy was a simple one: He eats with them. Precisely to those paralyzed in this toxic shame, Jesus says, “I will eat with you.” He goes where love has not yet arrived, and he “gets his grub on.” Eating with the outcasts rendered them acceptable.”

He goes where love has not yet arrived. To me, this is the definition of compassion. And much of our world is seemingly without it.

Anyway…on with the day. Apparently someone was traveling on their birthday.

And somebody lost their cute little something-er-another.

These love monkeys reminded me of a pair of stuffed hugging monkeys my mom ordered for me when I was a little girl. It was a Close-Up toothpaste promotion and mom ordered them without telling me. I only came home from school one day and they’d arrived. It was a delightful surprise and I’ve never forgotten it.

Finally, here’s the last picture I took for the day. I love Zum products and I’ve seen their goat in printed materials, but never in a display. He made me laugh.

I kind of lost momentum after that. But it did the job I needed it to do. It kept me occupied in the present moment. Matthew said it  — don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will worry about itself. And this certainly proved to be the case this weekend. But at least the first day of the trip wasn’t robbed of as much joy. What did I ever do before I took photos?? What a gift. I’m so grateful. 

Here’s to home and a wonderful week. 

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