Unplanned Stop and Lessons Learned

This morning, I had a small window of time between mass and work in which I’d originally planned on picking up breakfast, enjoying a chai latte, and making a leisurely drive to the office. But the early morning sun rising over a nearby lake made for an unplanned stop along the way. It was a bitter 19 degrees, but I loved the walk through the park to get the photo I wanted.

This leaf along my path made me smile.

This non-conformist duck made me laugh. He seemed like the smartest of the bunch. He wasn’t having any of their games.

And here was the view that had caught my eye as I drove by.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned not to let these moments pass without honoring and savoring them. Sunrises, blooming flowers, warm breezes, cheerful birds singing…these are what make life worthwhile. Luther said it best, “God has made the greatest gifts the most common.”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the lessons I’ve learned with age. Here are just a few:

– Don’t be with someone hoping they’ll change. Choose someone you hope never changes.

– “Please” and “thank you” are magic words.

– Listen to understand, not to formulate how to respond.

– You’re the only person who should hear you chew your food.

– In your career, know your worth, but know your place. There’s a fine line between appearing confident and having an inflated or overbearing sense of self-importance.

– A slow, deliberate, deep breath is our body’s reset button. Utilize it often.

– Every problem has a resolution. Some solutions are more comfortable than others, but after all this time, you’re still here. So there’s not been a mistake or problem that you haven’t worked through.

– It’s okay to ask for help. It takes courage to admit that you don’t know something.

– Enjoy your own company,  but don’t withdraw from the world. Friends are important.

– Be your authentic self, not the one you think the world will approve of or like better. Someone needs exactly what you have to offer.

– Weekends are sacred.

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  1. Beautiful lessons, thanka for sharing your wisdom

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so kind of you – thank you!


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