Let Your Heart Be Light

Our annual trip to the Way of Lights at Our Lady of the Snows looked and felt a little different this year. Our car was a little more crowded with some new faces. But that’s the great thing about love — the more we give, the more we have. The circle can always be expanded.


New to the crew: Tanner’s girlfriend and my Little Sister.




With new crew members, there were new interests and ideas. We’ve been going through these lights for probably 12 years now and we’ve never gone inside the buildings to see the exhibits. But Little one wanted to see the Lego creations. So we did — and it was really awesome.


We were challenged to find nine Wall-e Lego figures that were hidden throughout the exhibit. And let me tell you, with candy on the line, Little was all over it. She found ALL nine.


And yesterday we had Tanner’s trip to the neurosurgeon to get the results of his MRIs. Not awful, not ideal. But we’ll focus on the good.

Kind of like finding hearts in ice melt.


Or really festive gear among scrubs.


Then we saw this random Santa on the way home. A “creepy” or “clever” debate ensued and we all settled on creepy. Nothing particularly jolly about a peeping Santa.


We’ll make our way to church this evening to get the celebration started.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and love and light to all.

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