A Day in the Life. Sort of.

So that was close.

 For three years now, I’ve completed a “day in the life” photo project, taking at least one photo each hour for an entire day (first project link here; second project link here). I recently realized that I haven’t done a “day in the life” since last year (here’s 2015). But I had one work trip left in 2016, so I got it in under the wire. Sort of. It’s more like “three days in the life.” Too often I got distracted or hurried, which sort of defeats the purpose of the project. But I combined three days worth of photos and still got some photo ops that I enjoyed. Again, quality isn’t the goal. Simply observation.

Starting with…airport security. Yes, I had Hello Kitty shoes…and socks.

I’m such a toddler.


So who belongs to the elephant? The little girl is cuddling a stuffed cat. Is the elephant hers, too?


Wandering through the terminals to connect with my next flight.


Polly the purple-nosed polar bear on a tree when I landed.


And an absolutely perfectly situated leaf in a grate.


Missouri in Wisconsin.






A weird table top.


The sweetest scent there is. Christmas memories in a bowl. My heart actually ached.


Santa needs to rethink his makeup artist.


So those were from the first two days. Here are a few leftovers from today.



The international planes fascinated me.


And the cloud cover looked like a snowy landscape below. My imagination went wild. I wondered what it would be like to be flying over the polar caps or to a snowy destination.


So there it is! Some nonsensical observations from my last road trip of the year.

Now I’m home. Exhausted, relieved, grateful. And totally ready for bed.

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