A Day in the Life















20131107-202110.jpg Believe it or not, these seemingly random photos are actually related. These images reflect my day. From the time I got up to, well, now, I took one photo an hour (when it was possible) to document a “day in the life.” Not to say that my life is vaguely significant or even remotely interesting. This was more of a personal exercise in awareness and gratitude. What is funny, beautiful or striking in my every day existence? What brings me joy? Can I make the time all day to look for it, acknowledge it, and appreciate it thoroughly enough to document it? So what you see above is my day’s joy. From my cat commandeering my breakfast table to my first hot cocoa of the season, my day provided a feast of photo opportunities. Not everyone would agree with my choices, but that’s the thing about joy: no two people experience it the same. But one thing I know for sure…it requires effort and awareness to find it all day long. But you are rewarded with loads of gratitude when you do.

And by the way…those are chocolate covered Twinkies. No, I did not and would not try one. The joy in that? Just knowing that someone out there actually came up with that idea. The world is better for those who innovate forms of chocolate consumption.

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