A(nother) Day in the Life

Two times over the past few years, I’ve completed a “day in the life” photo project, taking at least one photo each hour (whenever possible) during the course of the day (first project link here; second project link here). Yesterday, I had another business trip, so I thought I would give it another try.

Again, the objective wasn’t to produce high quality photos (admittedly these are crap). And my life isn’t any more significant or newsworthy than it was two years ago. But again I found it to be a fun, interesting exercise in awareness and gratitude — and a perfect opportunity to make myself slow down and look around in the middle of a busy travel day. As I look over all three projects, I find it remarkable how different each day has been.

So here goes. The day started with furry company a little before 6:00.


Taking a photo of my fading sunflowers during breakfast turned into a kitty bomb.


Baby bunny about the size of a billiard ball scampered across my path as I headed out the door.



Brotherhood of the traveling tropical patterns and pants.


The candy store in the Southwest terminal sucks me in every time. And this time I found a treasure.


Guess where my seat mate was going?


Kansas City airport…where I love the Wizard of Oz and tornado-themed merchandise, but could live forever without the KU Jayhawk and KC Royals stuff.


I want travel buddies like these.


The rest of the day brought cloudy skies…


…and a hodge podge of photo subjects outside and inside my meeting locations.



Check out these toddler buddies watching cartoons at the table.



I’ve never understood why a hotel in northwest Missouri advertises a Tennessee festival every year, but apparently this particular festival is an award winner. I’m intrigued. And hey, it’s better than Olean, Missouri’s Testicle Festival.


Sure enough, this project kept me engaged and occupied all day. Isn’t it amazing how many funny, lovely and quirky things (and people!) we can spot during the course of a day? Even just your average work day that includes nothing but car rides, flights, and meetings. This is such a great way to remember to open our eyes to the ordinary.

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