Hey, I Have an Idea!

An 80 degree day and an outing with my Little Sister?

Yes, please.

The original plan was to go to the zoo, but I had a last-minute idea. Typically, the five most dreaded words in my household are “Hey! I have an idea!” But every now and then, my ideas pan out. Sometimes even some unexpected magic happens. Like today.

Instead of going to the zoo, we opted to rent a paddle boat in Forest Park — something neither of us had done before.


And this is why I thought of it. I wanted her to see the 7,042 flag display marking the 15th anniversary of 9/11 at Art Hill from a paddle boat.

So worth it.


But here’s where it gets funny. We decided to rent a paddle boat the same day as the canine paddle boat races. Pictured below is one of the “heats.” And, obviously, a crane photo bomb. And an oblivious duck.


This dog was my favorite because he looked like he had a fro. He and his owner came in last in their heat, but they looked like they had the most fun.


And I looooved this boxer puppy.


And of course, I loved spending time with my buddy. Look at this face. Note the rhinestones in her shades. The child was born rolled in glitter and wrapped in a tutu. Seriously.

I love this kid.


I think this is the way 9/11 should be spent — living. Enjoying. Savoring. Giving.

Counting one’s blessings.

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