You Are What You Notice

A cat’s purr in my ear. An easy morning commute. Homemade pumpkin bread. A thoughtful note from a friend. Rainbows appearing at my feet. Texts from both of my kids at the exact same time. The arrival of a new issue of my favorite magazine. Sparkles dancing under a bridge. A cute couple picnicking under a tree in the park. A stunningly moving tribute. Free time and the ability to adventure wherever I choose.

It took me until the end of the day to realize that the good from today far outnumbered the not-so-good. I’d just invested a lot more energy and attention into the not-so-good. Duh. 

How lucky are we that life continues to be generous and patient with us, even when we least deserve it. And how lucky are we that tomorrow is a new day. We get another chance to be a little better. A little more grateful.

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