Kind of Blue

All shades, all hues, all blues…a little nod to Miles Davis. Seemed appropriate given how mellow – and blue – this day has been.

Three pints of blueberries…


…along with my brand new electric mixer…


And you get three and a half-dozen cupcakes: roasted blueberry with chocolate fudge frosting (recipe here) and roasted banana blueberry with honey cream cheese frosting (recipe here).

After a little taste test with the kids, the chocolate variety was the winner.


That new mixer is a game changer. Seriously, how did I ever bake without one? Worth every dime. Wow, I’m in love.


Today I was grateful for:

1.) A solo performance of “Come to the Water” at mass this morning that brought me to tears with its gorgeousness. Whoever that choir member is, she’s done that to me twice now with that song. Ah-mazing.

2.) Time spent in the kitchen, exploring new recipes, utilizing new tools, trying new techniques.

3.) The opportunity to sleep in tomorrow. Golly, I love three-day weekends.

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