Freedom 4 Miler


Started the long weekend running the Freedom 4 Miler race with Drew this morning. A solid race for us both — and you simply can’t beat a start (and finish) line at Ballpark Village and Busch Stadium. The rain held off long enough for us to get in the entire event, so we were super fortunate.

It is my (totally biased) opinion that there are few things more American than Baseball Heaven on Fourth of July weekend. I was proud to be a part of this race.

And so was this little guy.


And so was this big guy.


This little guy didn’t care either way.

Ohhhh! Look! Rocks!


This scene was on the way to the car long after the race was over. Check out the random guy in the vintage Cardinals’ uniform! I was dying to know his story.


But now we’re home and settled in.

Today I’m grateful for…

1.) My beloved hometown, right smack in the heart of this great country.
2.) Having a body that’s healthy and allows me do everything I want to do — as do my children. Which is huge.
3.) A warm blanket, a comfy couch, Wimbledon on the television, and a steady rain outside — and nowhere to be.

And it’s not even noon.

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