It is Well With My Soul

“I love myself for I am a beloved child of the universe and the universe lovingly takes care of me now.” – Louise Hay

Today I went on a really long bike ride along my usual trail. It was all pretty standard at first — 98 degrees, sun blazing, my skin and clothes grimy and sweaty. I knew it would be hot, but it had never occurred to me to check the afternoon forecast before setting out. After all, we haven’t seen any rain in quite some time.


But then, with about five miles left, I noticed a significant drop in the temperature. Then I noticed that the sun was frequently retreating behind the billowing, darkening clouds. And then the thunder started rumbling in the distance and strong winds started pushing against my bike something fierce. Crud. I saw the storm clouds and rain showers moving in from the horizon. I tried in vain to pick up my speed, much to the amusement of the wind sweeping around me. Ugh, I dreaded the impending soaked clothes and shoes, mud kicking up from my tires and onto my back. Not to mention lightning concerns.

But then something amazing happened. I somehow managed to knock out the last few miles and roll into the parking lot completely dry. I tossed the bike onto the car rack in utter amazement. Then, as soon as I’d finished securing the last rack strap, big raindrops began to splatter all around me. I hopped into the car. Lightning flashed.  The downpour began. I marveled. You know those days that every little thing seems to go wrong and it feels like the universe is conspiring against you? This was that feeling in reverse. The timing was so exquisite that it felt like the universe had taken very specific, compassionate, and gentle care of me. “Let’s hold this off and get you cover,” it seemed to say. I was filled with gratitude and a little disbelief.


Obviously this experience tops today’s gratitude list. In addition, today I was grateful for…

2.) A humorous storefront sign that gave me some great food for thought. I am grateful for the realization that it is okay to say “nope” to people and things that diminish my joy or my shine. It frees up time and energy to say “yes” to the people and things that really matter.


3.) My first experience of having my photos included in a gallery exhibit that opened yesterday. I’m still feeling thankful for the support of very dear friends and family in the effort.

There are days in which the blessings of my gratitude list go well beyond anything I deserve.

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