Pictures of My Loved Ones

As I’d mentioned in a previous post, when my 92-year old aunt passed away recently, she left behind a gold mine of family photos and history. While I gained new insight into my grampa’s love for my grandmother during my first few explorations through the photos, today I discovered further evidence of grampa’s love. Only this love extended beyond my grandmother.


I found this envelope carefully labeled by my grampa’s hand – with photos of me and my siblings tucked inside. Including this funny face.


Oh, so many feels. My gracious.

In the past two weeks, I have spent hours going through these treasures and have spent a fortune on frames to protect and display them. These are now some of the most prized possessions in our house. These are the tiniest windows into our history with a horizon that continues to shrink.

I’ve been wondering lately how, in this digital age, will future generations be able to view their past. I’ve taken literally thousands of photos of my family over the years. Most of them have never been processed. They sit on a laptop hard drive, a camera’s memory card, or a cell phone photo library. Will my grandkids be able to look through my photos with the same wonder, awe, and gratitude scrolling through a screen that I’ve felt with paper photos in hand? Worse yet, will digital formats evolve and render these images inaccessible over time? It’s food for thought.

But for today, I’m grateful for our newfound treasures and a love note from my grampa. My heart needed it.

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  1. lopezneedleman says:

    This could not be more dear. Thanks so much for sharing with us.


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