God Winks


For the past few weeks, for whatever reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about a story I wrote and photographed for a dear friend’s magazine a long time ago. The story was about a local business called Seeds of Happiness (Seeds shown above), but it was never published. It’s bothered me from time to time that I never gave the Seed studio the photos I took of their work during my afternoon with them. But it has really bothered me lately because I’ve had the feeling that the studio’s dog is no longer living — and I’d taken a number of photos of him (including below).

So this morning I brought my laptop and a blank CD to work, determined to burn the photos for them and deliver before Christmas.


Then this afternoon, something really strange happened.

Out of nowhere, an email dropped into my inbox that read:

Ms. Morris – 

The strangest thing happened to me today…

I was visiting a friend and his establishment in downtown Belleville and he had a picture of a yellow lab in a blue convertible.  I was in amazement…the yellow lab is my Sadie…Sadie passed away 3 years ago at the age of 13.  Sadie is pictured in my ex-husband’s blue convertible car.  I was wondering if you can share the picture with me and please let me know where the picture was taken.

 I have since gotten a chocolate lab, Sam.  I will always miss my Sadie.  Thank you for capturing her…she is just as beautiful as I remember her. 

The photo and story she was referencing was included a long time ago in the magazine belonging to my friend. What are the odds of that?? The issue was published years ago. Yet a man had the photo on display years later at an establishment in an adjacent state and the dog’s owner happened to notice it and recognized her now-deceased companion. Are you kidding??


Here’s where things get even more strange. At work, I’m currently in the process of packing my office up for a move to a new building in a few days. After I received the email about the dog photo, I went back to packing my stuff. In the process, I found a bag hanging on a hook on the back of my office door. Inside the bag? A stack of six or seven copies of that issue of that magazine. Also in the bag? A single Seed of Happiness.


How weird is THAT?

There are so many little messages in all of this that I can’t begin to figure out what it all means. I told one of my friends that it felt like a bunch of little God winks. But what I know for sure is that 1.) no detail in life is too small to escape God’s attention, and 2.) you never know when or how your actions or contributions will touch someone’s life. So keep putting yourself out there and let things unfold as they may. And watch for God to wink at you.

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  1. I absolutely love this, Laura! The times when so many things align are beautiful, treasured gifts. Enjoy this God wink!

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  2. God follows up on what he does!

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