If the World is a Fair Place…

Temperatures in the 70s with less than two weeks until Christmas? Really? Yes, please.

I thought this called for a walk through Laumeier Sculpture Park first thing this morning. And it didn’t disappoint. Lots of fun details.








But then there was this installation by Raqs Media Collective. I loved this.


Here’s the exhibit description:

“Laumeier presents an exhibition by Raqs Media Collective, a New Delhi-based cooperative with a politically charged artistic and theoretical practice. Their publicly-engaged, sculptural intervention was sparked by a visit to Laumeier, where their research on the problematic history of World’s Fairs began. Laumeier initiated a research collaboration with Raqs by inviting our audience—through personal visits to the Park, online via Laumeier’s website and social media outlets, or through other Laumeier-initiated opportunities, including EXPO Chicago—to respond to the prompt, “If the World is a Fair Place, Then…” From these various outlets, Laumeier was able to gather more than 500 responses to share with the artists to inspire and help formulate their idea for a sculptural installation of 40 stainless-steel bands encircling tree trunks in the Park, plus a textual installation to open the Adam Aronson Fine Arts Center.

Culturally, the Raqs Media Collective is interested in the polyphony of the crowd and not the chosen few; therefore the artists felt that the submitted positions, ideas, thoughts and feelings should become “etched” into the present for the future. Keeping in mind that Laumeier’s texture is one of landscape and nature, they plan to create a work that illustrates an amulet or charm, creating an embrace of promise and invoking references to the early history of the ecology movement in the Himalayan region of north India, alongside the course histories and traces of Native American histories in our area.”


“…less would be more.”



“…then life would be a carnival.”


My favorite.

Unless, of course, they could add another statement that says, “If the world is a fair place…every day would be this lovely.”

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