Running in the Windy City


Our second marathon is in the books — mine, as well as Drew’s!

Neither of us achieved the times we were hoping for, but we finished. It was a little too warm, unbelievably windy, and an all-around tough day. But we got through our training, made it to the start line uninjured, endured 26.2 miles, crossed the finish and got our medals. So I’m calling it a success anyway.


Since my corral was the last to go, it took me about three-fourths of a mile and more than thirty minutes to actually get to the start line.


If this gentleman was running for fun…the spectators were in it for fun, too.


Drag Queens!!!


It was an excruciatingly painful day (and night), but now that I’m feeling a little better, there really were some great memories from the race that I’m able to take with me. Not the least of these wonderful memories is of Tanner and my dear friend, Amy, waiting patiently for us at the finish. I was so, so grateful.

Before we left town this morning, Drew suggested that we go to the Chicago Art Institute. (!) So we wandered through Millennium Park and visited the art museum.


This little boy was chasing pigeons all over the place. This was his reaction when one of the pigeons he’d scared almost flew into my head. His mother said that they don’t have pigeons where they are from. It was hysterical to watch.


For fun…here’s Drew and Tanner at the art museum today.


And Drew and Tanner back in 2011.


Tanner today…


…and Tanner in 2011.


(Here’s a link to the original post.)

These two. All these years and we still have such a great time. They are supportive, kind, full of love and fiercely loyal. And I love hearing them laugh. How on earth did I get this lucky?

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