The Secret Lives of Squirrels

I don’t care how photographer Max Ellis gets these squirrels to do this, these are some of the funniest photos I’ve seen in ages. Check out his blog Squirrelisimo! Apparently his series began when he was looking for subjects for a daily photo blog and noticed squirrels playing with items his family had left in the backyard. Check out the full results here.

18149662893_ac236b3392_b 18582545808_1371cb6ebb_b 18744045496_c583a591fb_b 18744051266_00c1d7d1f9_b 18765377122_c41339858b_b 18770347625_5c63b1154a_b 18772856921_cd9cd17c1c_b

 Let the magic commence.

(All photos credited to London photographer Max Ellis, link to his flickr page here)

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  1. liampitts says:

    This is awesome! How on Earth is this done?! | male fashion blog


    1. Right?? I have no idea! But it’s so funny!


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