Small Holiday


Dumpster wisdom:

“We can do no great things, just small things with great love.”

My Fourth of July began with this thought…and a lovely morning. It wasn’t until later that I’d realize that this quote would sum up my holiday.



The misty morning started EARLY with the Freedom 4-Miler race in Forest Park. I’ve never done this race, so I was super excited. It’s always a treat to run in Forest Park. It’s quintessential St. Louis. Plus, my son’s sweet girlfriend ran it with me. She’s much faster than me, so it was an adjustment for her. But I really appreciated and enjoyed the company.

The race was sponsored by a local grocery store, so the grocery cart was a fun touch.


The rest of the day was spent at two more iconic St. Louis spots.
First up: Busch Stadium. In my mind, there could not be a more perfect place to be on the Fourth. Happily, we saw a winner.


Next stop: back to Forest Park. Specifically, Art Hill for Fair St. Louis. Got to see Morris Day and the Time, followed by Kool & The Gang. SO MUCH FUN.


For all of the drawbacks of cell phones, they sure make for a pretty scene when used in lieu of cigarette lighters.


“Celebration” was the last song of the concert, setting the perfect mood to transition into a recording of Whitney Houston’s performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl and the a launch of this year’s fireworks display.

It wasn’t a big, over the top holiday. I didn’t do one big “great” thing. But I got to do small things in the city that I love. And that made for a wonderful, wonderful day.


Today I was grateful for:

1.) A full day to recover from a busy holiday
2.) USA women’s soccer coming out of the gate SMOKING
3.) Looooong naps
4.) My kids
5.) *shoulder shrug*…just a really good life

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