Top O’ the Weekend to Ya

Lemme start this by saying it: this has been a very, very good weekend so far.
While there’s good in every day if you look around hard enough, this is the kind of good that hands itself to you in a colorful package with a big, sparkly bow. A Pharrell-Williams’-“Happy”-playing-in-your-head kind of weekend.


It started last night when I got to see my kids’ college tennis match. As if it wasn’t enough to have them share a high school sports uniform, I now get to see my kids share a college uniform, too. And believe me, this good fortune astounds me. But more than anything, they’re doing well. They play beautifully. They’re as healthy as they can possibly be (aside from a little NF2). And they’re happy.

I’ll take it.

While at the match, I met and cuddled this little guy. This is Major. He’s six weeks old and he’s a German Shepard. He eats anything. And everything.


Afterwards, I took my college sons out for pizza. This isn’t newsworthy, by any stretch. But they could’ve gone out with their teammates or friends. They opted to have dinner with their mom. How cool is that.

Bright and early this morning, I headed with some friends downtown to the St. Patrick’s Day race. Gotta say, I had no idea St. Louis was so Irish. I’ve never seen so much green in my entire life. Or so many leprechauns.



The two live leprechauns (above and below) actually RAN FIVE MILES like this. Lord, I hope I was at least faster than Mr. Plastic Head. I mean, really. Dude can’t even see.


Actually, I don’t care if they finished before me. What really matters is that I bested last year’s time at this race by TEN minutes!!! I’m so happy. And proud. I’m still slow, but I’m getting better. And after adding another year to my age two weeks ago, that means a lot. Guess it’s never too late to improve!

Now tonight the boys and I are finally utilizing one of our family Christmas gifts and going to the Peabody Opera House to see a very funny comedian named Gabriel Iglesias. We’ve been waiting for this for months. It’s only appropriate that this weekend continue with laughter. Cannot wait.

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