This Life is a Good One


This life is a good one. Enjoy it. — Jim Henson

An oh-gawd-o’clock appointment had me feeling a bit fuzzy, anxious and disheveled this morning. I fumbled around the house on autopilot, but ultimately stumbled out the door on time. As soon as I was out the door, however, I knew something was a little different. The clouds…oh the clouds. They were amazing…and really unusual. So I pulled out my phone and snagged a few photos. The sun wasn’t quite up yet, but the sky was filled with a soft pink glow. As I looked around, the groggy haze in my brain lifted a bit and I began to realize what a beautiful morning it was. In fact, it was profoundly beautiful. I stopped briefly to close my eyes and breathe it in. For whatever reason, I didn’t feel hurried or stressed any more. Given that I was on my way to the hospital to start the process to get to the bottom of my running injury that has sidelined me, this was a really big deal.

I got in the car and hit the road, all the while watching this unbelievable sunrise unfold along the way to my appointment. The above photo was taken from the car on an overpass above the highway, right before I arrived at the hospital. Count Basie’s “And the Angels Sing” was playing on the 40’s station that I’d inexplicably selected:
“You smile, and the angels sing.
And though it’s just a gentle murmur at the start.
We kiss, and the angels sing
And leave their music ringing in my heart.” 

Suddenly, in spite of the absurd hour and the less than desirable circumstances surrounding my appointment, my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude. In those first minutes of daylight, I was reminded of something. Yes, from time to time, crap happens. Stress sucks. Uncertainty is scary. And, in this specific case of my marathon training, meaningful personal goals sometimes will not be met. But through it all, no matter what, we are loved. We are loved in a really big way and this life was given to us to be enjoyed. Even in the most stressful times, we can hear that love “ringing in our hearts” if we’ll just listen for it.  And sometimes, when we’re really lucky, that love paints us a very beautiful reminder.

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  1. Amy says:

    I hope you are okay. 😦


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