A Look Outside

Growing up, our house was plunked in the middle of several thickly wooded acres way out in the middle of nowhere. As an adult, I’m plunked in the suburbs with neighboring houses within view out of literally every window.
Guess who has the better bird watching?
Maybe it’s simply because I didn’t pay attention when I was younger, but I don’t remember big ole raptors sitting right outside our house when we lived out in the sticks. Yet here I am in suburbia and this was the view out my window this morning.
I’m stunned by the amount of wildlife I’ve seen on my front and back doorsteps in this place. We’ve seen a deer walk along our retaining wall, a snapping turtle (and various box turtles) lumber around in our landscaping rocks, an eagle fly overhead, a barred owl settle in our back yard for a nap, a fox walk up to our front door and peer inside (on Thanksgiving!), raccoons rip up our gutter and produce offspring in our ceiling, opossums stroll through the parking lot, litters of bunnies scamper across the porch, chipmunks hide under our cars (daily), countless raptors scout for meals, and any number of songbirds and hummingbirds rummage through the plants on a given day. And all of this has been witnessed right out our windows and doors. While my property as an adult isn’t as pretty as where I grew up, it sure isn’t bad.

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