Anything But Boring

Today brought another could’ve-been-horrible-but-by-the-grace-of-God-it-all-worked-out road trip mishap. Last time it was mud. This time… well, this mishap was a little more ridiculous. As Tanner and I packed up the car at oh-gawd-o’clock this morning, I was juggling our bags to fit into the trunk. Had I actually looked where we were parked in our lovely hotel parking lot, I might have considered putting the keys in the car first.

But I hadn’t looked.

Whoops, I don’t have enough hands… let me just see if I can switch this to my right hand… I can hold one more thing, can’t I…. no I can’t… yes, I can… oh crap… *clink*…. um, what was that?

I straightened myself up, then slowly and fearfully looked to the ground. Nooooooo….. the car keys. The rental car keys. I had just dropped them into a storm grate. My heart stopped. Tanner paled, looked at me and said in a did-that-really-just-happen tone of voice, “Were those the car keys?” Yup. Crap. Crap. CRAP. We’re seven hours from home — in Wichita, Kansas, for crying out loud — and our only means home is trapped underground by this immovable grate. I ran inside, got a wire coat hanger, fashioned it into a hook and lowered it between the slats. (Please note that when the keys fell, the key chain taunted me with a warning: Replacement keys cost an average of $125. Thanks for the added pressure, by the way.) And what I didn’t tell Tanner at the time was that the keys were in a rather precarious position. A mistake on my part could mean a tumble down an incline for the keys and a disappearance into a black hole. Fortunately, all’s well that ends well. I was able to hook the key ring and bring the keys to the surface. Tanner heaved a sigh of relief, gave me an enormous hug and I promptly started to cry. Tanner said, “Mom, you’re so clutch. You’re amazing in an emergency, but then you fall apart when it’s over.” Hey man, I’ll take it.

Once I got my heart beating and I was able to breathe again, we hit the road. The lingering sunrise was amazing and cast a lovely glow across the stark Kansas landscape.

Super cool clouds overhead….
And check this out. I’ve seen pilot puppies waiting for their owners in parked cars, but never kitties. This was at a truck stop several hours into the trip. Hello, pretty kitty.
And I finally remembered to exit onto a side road to take a picture of a tree farm as we got closer to home. Notice I said a picture. As I started to pull to the side of the road and get out of the car, we noticed a hitchhiker just a few hundred feet ahead of us. Well there goes that idea. I still feel guilty that I’d slowed to a stop and then moved on. I felt like I’d unintentionally pulled a “psych” on the guy. 
 But now we’re SO thankful to be home and settled in with our pretty kitties. I even got to see one of our little neighbors dressed as Abby Kadabby. So cute. Happy Halloween!!

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  1. Amy says:

    Whew! So glad you were able to retrieve your keys. Just reading about it made me feel anxious for you. *wipes beads of sweat off my forehead.*


  2. It was horrible. I still can't believe that happened — or that we got so lucky! I'm such a dork sometimes.


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