Seems Familiar

The view from our hotel looks down on this beautiful little lake. It’s so peaceful and lovely. I’m not understanding the island’s footbridge, as there is no means to get to it. Seems that the ducks are the only ones who are able to take advantage of it directly. But I enjoyed it from a distance. Although as I sat there, the scene seemed oddly familiar. Ah yes. My happy place in Tulsa. The vibe was so similar — right down to the sweeps of the weeping willow.
This photo was a total accident. The hipstamtic takes some practice in terms of getting its timing and knowing what’s really going to appear in the photo as opposed to what shows in the frame. Look to the right of this photo. This photo was a mistake on both counts. This was meant to be a Christmas photo of evergreens and pinecones. Whoops. But kinda cool.

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