Win, Lose or Draw?

Nothing says “Monday” quite like a dashboard warning from your car that says in big, angry red letters, “STOP. Turn off engine. Oil pressure.” Oh, and this harsh message is followed by a call to the dealership that instructs you to have your car towed to the garage rather than drive and risk blowing your engine. Everything about this tells me to be upset. But here’s the thing. What if I hadn’t rented a car for our trip to Wichita (something I’ve never considered doing before)? This warning might have stranded us somewhere in Kansas. And what if I hadn’t signed up for a AAA membership for the first time in my life last week? It would have cost me a fortune to have my car towed today. It’s a weird feeling. Part of me is scared to death about what the news will be about my car. But the other part of me is so … grateful. It’s like what happened yesterday with the keys falling in the storm grate. It was scary and awful, but it could have been so much worse. So which is it? Is the glass half full or is the glass half empty…? I’m sorry, but can I just ask who’s been drinking out of my glass instead? 

But on a really fun note, U2 just announced a new stop on their 360 tour right here in St. Louis! It’s hard to believe that the tour that began more than a year ago will STILL be going next year. By the time the St. Louis show comes around, I might have seen this tour three times (going back to Chicago next year). But it’s hard to imagine that it will get any better than the North American tour kick off with Tanner. Made me smile just thinking about it and looking through the pictures. 
And speaking of Chicago, lots of wonderful healing wishes to my friend Amy. 

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  1. Amy says:

    Thanks, Laura. I'm hanging in there. Can't believe you're still dealing with your car issues. 😦


  2. Hope you feel better soon! Sending lots of good thoughts your way. 🙂


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