“There is such a difference between asking ‘what did you do today?’ versus ‘what do you want to remember about today?'” – Topher Kearby

Today I want to remember an early morning walk in the park, so chilly I could see my breath in the air.

And I want to remember all the red.

The red above my head.

The red beneath my feet.

The love left behind by a stranger.

And Finn’s excitement when we became accidental spectators to a 5k race in the park.

Then watching his recently groomed paws grow grimy from thoroughly exploring every leaf, rock and stick along the dirt path.

The long nap when we got home, followed by curling up on the couch to watch Amélie for the hundred millionth time. (I will never grow tired of it.)

Texting with one son about Funkos. Texting with the other about cats and music.

Thinking about all of the ways I could be productive this afternoon and opting against all of them in favor of sketching and cuddling my dog.

More than anything, I want to remember that rest isn’t a luxury or indulgence. It isn’t even just okay; it’s necessary and sustaining.

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