Such a Difference

“Your impact on other people is bigger than you think. Someone still giggles when they think of that funny thing you said. Someone still smiles when they think of the compliment you gave them. Someone silently admires you. The advice you give has made a difference for people. The support and love you’ve offered others has made someone’s day. Your input and opinions have made someone think twice. You’re not insignificant and forgotten. Your existence makes a positive difference, whether you see it or not.” – @tinybuddhaofficial

Last weekend I went out for a birthday dinner, went hiking (above) and out for a long run in the park. And everywhere I went, different people seemed to have left behind different messages.

Messages of love…

Messages about choice…

Messages of hope…

A wink and a smile…

And messages of love…

I noticed and enjoyed them all. Little gestures and moments of pause courtesy of folks who will never know that I appreciate them. Folks who matter more than they think.

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