Did that really just happen?

Upon arrival to Kansas City this weekend, if I couldn’t remember why I was there, the entire city skyline would’ve reminded me. Absolutely every major building — and even Union Station’s dinosaur – was lit up red.

Kansas City Chief’s red.

But of course I never would’ve forgotten my reason for the trip: this was my first opportunity to see my son’s new NFL workplace and get to have him treat me to a game. It also happened to be my first Chief’s game, period – regardless of my son’s employment. While my boy had to work in the press box, I got to see the game with my lifelong best friend.

And, oh. what. a. game.

We were literally 13 seconds from walking to the car with a loss. But then somehow…we watched the unlikeliest win in playoff history unfold. Move the ball down the field…get in field goal range…kick field goal to tie (ALL WITHIN 13 SECONDS)…send into overtime…overtime touchdown. How on EARTH did that just happen?!? I’ve never witnessed or experienced anything like it. None of us have.

And I got to celebrate with my best friend and share in the joy with my son, albeit from a different section. The frenzied, deafening celebration and collective disbelief is something I will never forget — or totally believe myself. And I am so, so grateful.


Okay. I did a few other little things while I was in town. So totally shifting gears and on a random note, I must report that not only does Kansas City do fandom really well, they do graffiti really well. I marvel every time I go there. Here are just a few things I saw.

And this was in the coffee shop where I met Drew for breakfast on the way home. That day was special..and so was every day of the weekend. Lucky, lucky me.

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  1. buddy71 says:

    Playoff games this last weekend were truly exceptional.


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