Beyond Work

“Just be kind. Please. Just be kind. Especially during the holidays. Have an extra moment of grace, of understanding, of love. There are so many with stories of loss and struggle and hardships. And the illusions of the holiday and perfection and celebrations can make the hurt magnified. So just love. Smile more than you think. Step up. Hold the door. Show up with meals. And just choose kindness over irritation. A simple act of kind can ripple farther than one ever expects. Love first.” – Rachel Marie Martin

Day 20 of the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Something you love about work.

Answer: I am employed by a Catholic organization, so their nativity is something I love about work — and the fact that we are able to celebrate Christmas in the truest sense. And our stated values reflect the type of compassion described in the above quote (which I loved). Most of all, I love the religious Sisters in our founding congregation. So much. I’m grateful for their kindness and their example of Franciscan ideals — love for the poor, passion for caring for the earth and God’s creatures, and their commitment to non-violence. My interactions with our Sisters throughout my career have made me a better person — in the office and beyond.

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