Yesterday I fell asleep before I had a chance to post day #6 of the “7 ways to be more kind to your mind” exercise/self-reflections from @laurajaneillustrations. So today I’ll post the thoughts/reflections for both Friday and Saturday. Twofer!

For Friday:

“Check in with your feelings. What are you feeling today? Why are you feeling this way? What do you need right now to support yourself & these feelings?”

Well, yesterday I felt…tired. I felt tired because it was the last day of a very long, busy week. I needed sleep to support myself, so I went to bed early. Which, of course, goes back to why I didn’t blog. 🙂

Saturday, on the other hand, was a much different story:

“Make space for you today. Do something simple that brings you gentle joy, like sitting in the sunshine, reading a book, or going for a walk. Be comfortable in your own company, in the softness of the silence; be present with yourself in the joy.”

Mission accomplished. First I went for a long walk with Finn and enjoyed all the colors that are finally starting to emerge. Then I went for a long run by myself in the cool fall air (still enjoying the colors) and loved every minute of it.

Gentle joy.

Gentle joy = lots of smiles. Mine, my dog’s and the world’s.

So that’s it! 7 days of being kind to our mind. Hope you’ve enjoyed as much as I did.

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