Ah, yes…

“Being grateful doesn’t mean you have to love every part of your life. It’s okay to feel hurt when something doesn’t turn out the way you thought it to be, especially for things you have given so much of your heart. What gratefulness means is that no matter what happens or what you go through, you are able to appreciate the journey, the greater purpose of those struggling moments and have faith in your heart that you are already enough and what you deserve will somehow find its way in the right time.” — @poetryofdhiman (Instagram)

What a great reminder that it’s okay to struggle. Tough times are simply part of the package – the larger gift — and it won’t last forever. So it’s okay to call it what it is when we’re not doing so great. And I would argue that it’s healthier. Toxic positivity makes us feel guilty when we aren’t constantly looking on the bright side or when we admit that we’re disappointed, anxious or hurt. It doesn’t mean that we’re ungrateful or negative when we’d really like to move past a particular season of our lives. It just means that we have many dimensions and a full spectrum of emotions and experiences at play in this life.

But as we make our way through the frustrations and difficulties along our journeys, I do believe it is imperative that we can pause to appreciate the little gifts that keep us afloat. Like puppy smiles, walks in the sunshine at our favorite park and beautiful flowers along the path.

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