Learn something new every day

Throughout this week I learned a few things about the rodents out back as I continued to work from home.

1.) Squirrels come in a variety of colors. 
I have better photos of this strange whitish/light grey, seemingly pastel little guy, but this was my favorite because he looked like he was protesting the paparazzi. (He was bathing.)

2.) We have a family of chipmunks living out back.
I’ve named the two babies Chip and Dale. They’re about the size of gerbils and they are absolutely rotten. You’ve never seen two creatures give each other more crap.

3.) Squirrels nap. 
And it doesn’t look comfortable. At all. But this little guy took shelter in one of our large trees during an afternoon storm and just snoozed away. I guess the sound of rain makes someone other than humans want to sleep.

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