“I hope today is the kind of day you notice beautiful things. Amidst all of your uncertainty, I hope you can trust and believe: “my tired, anxious heart has not seen all there is to see.” Because even though you are waiting, there is still room for dreaming and creating. There is still room to hope for a spring to bloom, no matter the unknowns that are before you.

“You have learned to have hope for your friends and deep beneath the layers, you know Light has no end…and I just hope you know this is true: the same beauty you see in others is radiant within you, too. Your story still matters here. You have something to say. No matter what has changed and what has stayed the same.

“So when you notice the flowers, start to notice what comes up for you. Notice any small feeling of joy that reminds you of what is true: you have the freedom to notice beautiful things and there is still plenty of room for you to bloom.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

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