I can and I will

“I’m never gonna put boundaries on myself ever again.
I’m never gonna say I can’t do it.
I’m never gonna say ‘maybe.’
I’m never gonna say, “I don’t think I can.’
I can and I will.”
– Nadiya Hussain, The Great British Bake Off 

After countless weekly trips to the local bakery to admire their beautifully decorated cookies, I finally took a decorating class of my own around Christmas last year.

Below was the result from my first class.
Cookies, frosting and step-by-step instructions were provided.

Around Valentine’s Day, I took another all-inclusive class.

About a month later, I took one more.

Around Easter, I decided to give everything a try at home — including baking my own cookies and creating my own royal icing. No patterns, no templates.

Below was my result.

Since then, I’ve made the gender reveal cookies below and the Fourth of July cookies at the top.

I still have so much practicing to do and I hope to improve a lot with time. But I’m proud of what I’ve done so far, mostly because it seemed so impossible when I started. I remember staring at the bakery cookie case  thinking I could never do something like that. But sometimes all it takes is a single moment in which you decide to believe in what’s possible and just give it a go.

I also dared myself to purchase a mold and successfully baked madeleines, thanks to inspiration from The Great British Baking Show (used to be Bake Off) on Netflix. Never in a million years did I think a reality competition could be so emotional and inspiring. I’ve binge-watched every season. And I’ve cried with each one. But never did I cry as much as when Nadiya Hussain won her season and she tearfully closed the episode with that quote. Right through the heart.

I can and I will. And if I find out I can’t, at least I’ll find out by trying — not assuming.

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  1. buddy71 says:

    wow!!!! way to nice looking to eat. well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Learning has been so much fun.

      Liked by 1 person

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