Creatures great and small

“Surround yourself with animals and people who are kind to them.” – unknown

This squirrel sprawled on my neighbor’s chair cracked me up. It’s hot and he is so over it.

This baby bunny, on the other hand, broke my heart. He was pawing at my back door and wanted so badly to come inside. I think he liked my cats. But oh, he was adorable. He was no bigger than a billiard ball.

This guy was at a local nature reserve. Another creature completely over the heat. He didn’t even bother to move when I walked up to him.

Okay, have you ever really looked at a turkey? I really think they look like God put them together with leftover parts from other birds. They are just so awkward.

Looking forward to seeing what the weekend brings.

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  1. buddy71 says:

    lol about the turkey. and to think ben franklin wanted that bird as the national bird of the usa!
    you have weird animals with the squirrel and the bunny

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