Every Adventure is Worthwhile

“Adventure starts where plans end.” 

Late last Sunday afternoon, on a whim, I set out on a little adventure. A local artist had left a clue to the hidden location of one of his “finders keepers” pieces on his instagram page. Oh, I really wanted it. I didn’t have any plans left for the weekend, so I hopped in the car on an impromptu search.

I’d never visited the park where he’d hidden the piece, so this was a true adventure.

And lemme tell ya, it will not be my last visit. It was a magical spot. There was a lovely pond with baby ducks floating about under an exquisite bridge.

Even the light was magical.

The shade trees were protective and full of character.

There was even a tiny island in the pond for the swans to nest.

This park was such a wonderful discovery on its own that I would’ve been grateful even had I not found the art I was seeking. But as I strolled along the tiny path around the pond to get a closer look at the baby ducks, look what I found resting on a nearby bench. My new art treasure.

My heart burst.

Even the neighborhood surrounding the park is extraordinary. Check out the front door of this home. The WHOLE neighborhood is like this. Meticulously maintained, simply beautiful. If I could afford it, I’d move there in a heartbeat.

Instead, I’ll just make sure to visit this wonderful new discovery often.

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  1. buddy71 says:

    awesome. care to share where this park is located?


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