It’s the Thought That Counts. Really.

“Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.” – Richard Bach, writer

The two items in this picture perfectly sum up three of my greatest loves* — pandas, baking, and Hello Kitty.

And both were surprise gifts recently from two friends at work.

While I absolutely *love* both items for what they are, what I love most is the message behind them: I saw this, I thought of you, I wanted you to be happy.

Boy, did these make me happy.

Obviously we can’t buy our friends’ happiness (nor should we try), but such kind and thoughtful gestures like this are such cause for gratitude. Even an out-of-the-blue hand-written card can be a “I thought of you and I wanted you to smile” gift. This intention really is what matters.

*Technically, you could say this represents four of my loves, if you include “a bargain.” My friend found the Hello Kitty pan on clearance for 96 cents. For real.

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