What Happened to My Snowman?

From the students at my church who brought you “I am Not a Turkey” (post here), may I present “What Happened to My Snowman?”


“Snowmen shouldn’t go to battle!
They would get shot!
They would melt!
They might get hit by a tank!
Finally, they can’t drive tanks!
Snowmen shouldn’t go to BATTLE!!!”



“Snowmen shouldn’t sit by a fire. They could start a fire. They could melt.
They could be burnt.
So the kids would have to rebuild them.
So, snowmen should not go by fire.”



“Snowman shouldn’t go to Hawaii because he would fall in the water and melt. So he gose to dry of by the pom trees and cocanuts will fall on his head. He sits by the shor and out of no whar a shark comes and eats the snowmans head. So the snowman walks up a valcano sens he cant see and he falls in and burns and all that is left of the snowman is a fue fils of lava and unsted of the snowman having a smile he had a frown. The end.”


“My snowman sholdn’t go in the ocean becues he would get eaten by a whale. And he should get stuck in a turtle’s shell. And he will sink to the bottom of the ocean. Also he will be very sad and not come back.



“Snowmen shouldn’t drink hot cocoa. They might melt. They won’t look like they looked like before. The kids would have to rebuild the snowman. Finally, the snowmen fall down. Snowmen shouldn’t drink hot cocoa.”


“Snowman shouldn’t go next to dogs. The dog would eat them up. The dog could lick them up. The dog would jump on them. Finally, they get knocked down. Snowmen shouldn’t go next to dogs.”


“Snowmen should not go in a hot tub. They would melt. They would drown. Their arms come off and their eyes. Finally, there skarf would disappear. Snowmen should not go in a hot tub.”


“Snowmen should not go to the beach. They will melt a lot. They might want to go in the water and they will melt. They can not get in the sun. Finally, they will need some ice cream. Snowmen should not go to the beach.”

Kids’ imaginations rule.

That is all.

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