New Light, New Discoveries

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – unknown

This weekend brought a sunrise run after a good number of evening training runs by flashlight. I was surprised to realize how much of a difference natural light makes. During my night runs, my attention is confined to the small sphere of light bobbing in front of my feet that keeps me from tripping and eating concrete or the stars in the sky. So I guess you could say that I’m less distracted than usual.

But in the light of early morning, everything grabbed my attention, making it tough to focus on the task at hand. Not only was I not used to running in the daylight, I was really not used to running at that early hour. Everything looked so different, even though I took my normal route.

The sky was painted differently.


I discovered that daffodil buds were poking through.


As were the first snow crocuses of the year.


I even found a new heart in the sidewalk. (Because of course.)


New light, new discoveries.

It wasn’t the best run I’ve had physically, but I was marveling when I got home. I had the overwhelming feeling that life was reminding me of hope and impermanence. Simply put, tough times won’t last forever. Dark, dreary seasons in our journeys really will eventually give way to warmth, new realizations and joys, if we’re open to it.

I guess it makes sense that we need darkness to appreciate the light.

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