Tree Skirts and Santa Shirts

When I glanced at our Christmas tree this morning, I noticed that our new tree skirt appeared to be in a ball under the branches. Upon closer inspection, I realized our Violet was that “ball” and our skirt was just fine.

It was just hard to tell where the skirt ended and the cat began.


This tree skirt has been a source of laughs even before it entered our house.

I’d sent Drew to the store to pick up a few things while I unpacked the rest of the decorations — and his list included a new tree skirt. Completely overlooking the fact that he’s male and utterly clueless about these things, I thought maybe he’d enjoy picking it out for us.

Yeah, that went well.

Clearly he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, based on the following text conversation:


Poor guy thought I’d sent him out for a tree shirt and could only find Santa shirts.


I love that kid. He’s so pretty.

But he really did pick a great tree skirt.

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  1. lopezneedleman says:

    BEST CHRISTMAS STORY EVER! Lovely to chuckle first thing in the morning. Thank you, Laura.


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