Monday smiles, courtesy of: Violet’s state of can’t even. My beautiful miniature roses. A puppy’s love for his owner. There is always reason to smile. Always. Even on a Monday.

Of Course

The first day of spring coincides with the International Day of Happiness. Coincidence? I think not. Violet is worn out from the excitement. Wishing you happiness in the warmth and light of the new season.

Tree Skirts and Santa Shirts

When I glanced at our Christmas tree this morning, I noticed that our new tree skirt appeared to be in a ball under the branches. Upon closer inspection, I realized our Violet was that “ball” and our skirt was just fine. It was just hard to tell where the skirt ended and the cat began….

So Over It

This was the scene at the foot of my bed this morning. Violet wanted nothing to do with daylight or consciousness. When I pulled up the covers to make the bed, she was dragged right along with it. The girl is totally over this week. Me, too, honey. Me, too. Today I was grateful for: 1….


The difference between our cats: a photo essay. These two. They look exactly alike, but they could not be more different. Can’t tell who’s who? Hint: Murphy loves us; Violet loves gravity.


…today is National Cat Day. Then again, these aren’t just cats. They’re family. And we love them.

My Saturday Role Model

Nobody. And I mean NOBODY can fully, totally and utterly lounge the way our Violet lounges. As all Saturday loungers should.

If I fits, I sits.

Someone else seems to be enjoying the tree as much as we are. It’s funny, but the cats napped under the glow of the tree quite a bit prior to me stowing an un-decked wreath underneath. Now she plants herself in the middle like 18 hours a day. No idea what is so appealing about…


Until today, I’d never noticed that our cats even nap alike. Murphy on the left, Violet on the right. They’re definitely family.

Thanks, Twitter!

Thanks to some useless trivia I discovered via twitter, I’ve dug up a couple of favorite photos in honor of World Cat Day! Many happy returns!

You’re So Slick.

This little face peeks out almost every time I climb our stairs. As I get closer, her head disappears and is replaced by swinging paws. And when I get high enough and both head and paws are in my sight, she knows the gig is up. So then this sneaky kitty rolls over on her…