Good to Go

Despite any drawbacks or concerns accompanying pop culture’s Pokemon Go craze, I will say this: I have never seen so many public spaces being utilized by so many people. Especially young people. I’ve had many a Sunday stroll through Laumeier Sculpture Park, and it’s typically a pretty solitary exercise.

Not today.

I’ve never seen the place so crowded. Today I exchanged lots of smiles, scratched dogs’ ears, listened to people discover unusual art.  I don’t care if half the kids had their phones superglued to their hands, it was great to see them wandering through this wonderful space they would likely never visit otherwise. I even heard a teenage boy say, “This is the coolest place ever.”

Yes, it is, young man.

I’m sure the phenomenon will fade and the park won’t be a hotspot for catching Pokemon anymore. But I hope people will continue to utilize the space for what it is — a peaceful, interactive, creative retreat from the world. Frankly, I enjoy having the company.

building yellow leaf canopy hills sculpture

This rock’s tiny face made me laugh. Impish little thing.


On a different note…this was a utility company casualty along my running route this afternoon. It bummed me out to see it discarded on our sidewalk, but I thought it was beautifully made. I hope mamma bird doesn’t mind making a new one.


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