A Quick Adventure – Part II

Combined with my jaunt through the National Zoo, I covered more than 11 miles on foot yesterday.

After paying respects to Mr. Lincoln…




…and countless war Veterans…



…both living and deceased…


…in the process of making the ultimate sacrifice…


…for the love of country…


…and the protection of our future generations…




…in the most eloquent and noblest of terms…



…for all ethnicities, genders, and faiths…



…I didn’t think my heart could hold my gratitude, awe, humility, or love for my country and everyone who has sacrificed so much for us.

Such inspiring, brave, elegant, and noble men. So much so that generation upon generation from all over the world flocks to this sacred place to honor them.


But you know what thought shattered my reverence? The state of our country and this hideous upcoming election. With the strength of our heritage and the stunning beauty of our foundation, can we really not do better than this? Will any of the names monopolizing our insatiable 24-hour news cycle do anything worthy of memorializing and honoring centuries later? Can we find anyone worthy of inheriting this amazing responsibility from our forefathers? Not looking good so far. Not only do we deserve better, so do the heroes of our past.

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  1. RVD says:

    We used to meet up at the right foot of Lincoln when people used to meet us in town.
    My FAVORITE Memorial is Jefferson – so very interesting and so close to the Cherry Blossoms.
    The Korea War Memorial is even morse striking at night. The artist decided to light the peice at night with a faint green light that shines up into the soldiers faces. I still remember the first time I ‘stumbled” upon it at night. Very striking and exceptionally well done. Great pic’s. Thanks for sharing.


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