Well, That Sucked. (But It’s Okay)

“Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.”


You know, some days really feel like they are just conspiring to suck.

There. I said it.

Admittedly, I don’t feel like this too often. And it’s not because I’m naturally wired to always be a half-full kind of girl. Not at all. I simply believe that happiness and positivity is something we can learn. It doesn’t have to be the result of lucky DNA. But it does require some effort.

So when today started south of half-full right out of the gate, I tried adjusting my thoughts. Reframing. Looking for the positive. Taking deep breaths. And when that didn’t work, I looked back over an article I read the other day outlining 10 steps to reverse a no-good, rotten day:

Walk bare-foot through the grass? Is this chick serious? Within 24 hours, we’re expecting 3-5 inches of snow and our grass is currently dead.

Take a shower? That’s how I started this dumb day. I did not manage to wash the negativity right out of my hair. Who writes this crap?

The well-intentioned list made me feel even more irritated — and defeated. Regardless of my efforts, I couldn’t break the momentum. That is, until I quit fighting so hard.

You know what? Some days just really suck. Some days are glorious. Some days are unremarkable. All days end after 24 hours and the quality is subject to change.

So sometimes the best course of action is just to let the 24-day of “really sucks” do what it does best: suck. Accept it. Endure it. Work through it. Learn from it. Get some good stories out of it. And whenever you can, look for glimpses of good. Or let the good find you. Like when you go into the kitchen at the end of a sucky day and see tiny sprouts of the forget-me-nots that you are trying to grow on your window ledge.

Then let the 24-hour window come to a close. Say a prayer of thanks. Give yourself credit for working through. Go to bed. A brand new set of 24-hours will be there when you wake up. And it will look entirely different from the sucky day you left behind.

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