How BFFs Are Made.

Today I got to take my little buddy Lucy to make her very own BFF. Because BFFs are so very special, we had to go to a very special place: Build-A-Bear Workshop.

After perusing a wide assortment of puppies, kitties, bears, and other critters, Lucy found her perfect companion. A purple unicorn My Little Pony.

And she was ready to make it her own. Here’s the “before.”


Here’s the “during” when she helped push the pedal to fill her pony’s belly with fluff.


Then there was the best part of all. Here’s a video of the ritual that gave her pony a heart.

The “after.” Meet Rainbow, Lucy’s very own BFF.


Of course, a unicorn named rainbow needs a tutu and Mary Janes. And naturally a magic wand. So we picked those up, too.

What a magical place.

I love that they manage to sell imagination and ownership to children. Kids can be as creative as they want and feel like they have really helped bring their new friend to life because of their choices and decisions. And honestly, if you don’t overdo it on all of the accessories and whatnot, the animals themselves are very reasonable. (I’m fully in favor of accessorizing, however. Bling is the thing.)

This was so much fun. I can’t wait to go back in the future and help Lucy’s little brother build his BFF.

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