Big Guy, Bigger Heart

As if Santa wasn’t already the coolest guy in the world. It seems like there have been a few really special Santa stories this year that have hit me right in the feels.

This Santa settled himself onto the floor to make an autistic boy feel more comfortable. Link to full story and more photos here or click on the photo.


Photo credit: Maeghan Pawley and Autism Speaks

Or this Santa who signed to communicate better with this little girl. Link to story here.

Or this Santa who comforted a 6-year old boy who thought his autism had put him on the naughty list. Click photo for full story. (Check out both expressions in that picture. I mean…)


Photo credit: Naomi Johnson, Facebook

Or finally, there was this Santa who pretended to snooze for this photo with a little boy who was tired from an epileptic seizure. Click photo for link to full story.

Photo credit: Samantha Wade

What gentle, compassionate souls these men have, recognizing each child as an individual and meeting him or her where they are. Every child deserves to fully experience the magic of Christmas. Thank God for providing these Santas with the hearts and spirits to give these children exactly that.

It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind, but it’s the biggest investment anyone can make in our world.

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  1. Monika says:

    The last photo is so touching! I love all of them but the last is just too cute and heartfelt.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mcskerik says:

    If anyone needs proof that Santa is real how can you ignore this proof?

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