World Kindness Day

Today was the beginning of the latest round of checkups to manage the NF2 disease in  both of my boys. My eldest has these scans and appointments more frequently due to  chemotherapy, but they’re both checked out on the regular. Today brought more than four hours worth of MRIs for my youngest. We know going in that it will be a long day. You’d think I’d be used to it by now.

In the hospital parking lot, I noticed this goofy little balloon (video above)that appeared to take on a life of its own. We laughed so hard at its antics — and my chasing it through the parking lot.

We were in pretty good spirits when we walked into the waiting room. But, just as I always do when the boys are taken back to the MRI machine for these horrible scans, I clouded up when he walked away with the tech. I never get used to handing my kids over for something that I know makes them suffer. Doesn’t matter that they don’t complain; that helpless feeling sucks. I flipped through a magazine, fighting tears that  usually subside fairly quickly once I get settled in. But suddenly, a woman seated across from me quietly handed me a box of tissues. I was completely startled because I wasn’t actually crying. But I guess this woman sensed that I was on the brink. She smiled gently and went back to reading her book. I was moved by this stranger’s kind gesture. Such a small gesture, but huge just the same.

And lo and behold, guess what today is? World Kindness Day.

Although I sure wish the rest of the world would be allowed to focus on kindness today instead of the tragic, horrific and senseless actions at the hands of some purely evil people. I just don’t understand. I’m heartbroken for the people of Paris — and for all of us. Offering my prayers to all.

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